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Listener type enumeration


Enumeration members

onCameraDidReady = "onCameraDidReady"
  • Callback for the camera being ready
onConnectOtherRoom = "onConnectOtherRoom"
  • Callback for requesting a cross-room call (anchor competition)
  • Calling the connectOtherRoom() API in TRTCCloud will set up a video call between two anchors from different rooms. The caller will receive the onConnectOtherRoom() callback, which can be used to determine whether the cross-room call is successful. If it is successful, all users in both rooms will receive the onUserVideoAvailable() callback.
  • param:
  • userId: userId of the anchor to compete with
  • errCode: error code. ERR_NULL indicates a successful switch. For more information, please see Error Codes.
  • errMsg: error message
onConnectionLost = "onConnectionLost"
  • Callback for the disconnection of the SDK from the server