Modify the group information.

For work groups (Work), all group members can modify the basic group profile.

For public groups (Public), meeting groups (Meeting), and community groups (Community), only the group owner and admin can modify the group profile.

For audio-video groups (AVChatRoom), only the group owner can modify the group profile.

Detailed usage can referring to this document

Parameter details

Parameter name Parameter type Required Description
info V2TimGroupInfo yes The group information needed to be modified and set.

Returned template


    code : number
    desc : string

Return value details

name type description
code number Request result: Error codes. 0 means success.
desc string The description of the error. It will be empty if success.

Code example

import { TencentImSDKPlugin, GroupAddOptEnum } from "react-native-tim-js";

const setGroupMemberInfoRes = await TencentImSDKPlugin.v2TIMManager
    groupID: "groupID",
    groupType: "groupType",
    groupName: "groupName",
    notification: "notice",
    introduction: "briefly",
    faceUrl: "imageurl",
    isAllMuted: false,
    groupAddOpt: GroupAddOptEnum.V2TIM_GROUP_ADD_ANY,
    customInfo: {},
if (setGroupMemberInfoRes.code === 0) {
  // 修改成功

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