Add a message to a c2c conversation locally.

Only supports adding a text message, while the data is text itself.

This method is mainly used for add some tips or reminds to history message list, like 'Message send successfully', that is need for current user and unnecessary to sent to other users.

The messages sent by this method will only stored locally, and lost after re-installing.

Parameter details

Parameter name Parameter type Required Description
data string yes The message content.
userID string yes The target user ID.
sender string yes The sender user ID.

Returned template


    code : number
    desc : string
    data : {
      msgID: string
      timestamp: number
      progress: number
      sender: string
      nickName: string
      friendRemark: string
      faceUrl: string
      nameCard: string
      groupID: string
      userID: string
      status: number
      elemType: number
      textElem: V2TimTextElem
      customElem: V2TimCustomElem
      imageElem: V2TimImageElem
      soundElem: V2TimSoundElem
      videoElem: V2TimVideoElem
      fileElem: V2TimFileElem
      locationElem: V2TimLocationElem
      faceElem: V2TimFaceElem
      groupTipsElem: V2TimGroupTipsElem
      mergerElem: V2TimMergerElem
      localCustomData: string
      localCustomInt: number
      cloudCustomData: string
      isSelf: boolean
      isRead: boolean
      isPeerRead: boolean
      priority: number
      offlinePushInfo: V2TimOfflinePushInfo
      groupAtUserList: string[]
      seq: string
      random: number
      isExcludedFromUnreadCount: boolean
      isExcludedFromLastMessage: boolean
      id: string
      needReadReceipt: boolean

Return value details

name type description
code number Request result: Error codes. 0 means success.
desc string The description of the error. It will be empty if success.
data V2TimMessage The message inserted.

Code example

import { TencentImSDKPlugin } from 'react-native-tim-js';

const insertC2CMessageToLocalStorageRes = await TencentImSDKPlugin.v2TIMManager
if (insertC2CMessageToLocalStorageRes.code === 0) {


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