Invite some members from a specific group.

Parameter details

Parameter name Parameter type Required Platform Description
inviteeList List< String > yes All The ID of the target user to invite.
groupID String yes All The group ID.
data String yes All The custom data carried by the invitation.
timeout int no All The timeout configuration of the invitation. 30 seconds as default, while 0 represent will not timeout.
onlineUserOnly bool no All Whether the message can be received by online users only.

Returned template


    code : int
    desc : String
    data : String

Return value details

name type description
code int Request result: Error codes. 0 means success.
desc String The description of the error. It will be empty if success.
data bool The ID of the invitation created.

Code example

      V2TimSignalingListener listener = V2TimSignalingListener(
          (String inviteID, String inviter, String data) async {},
      onInvitationTimeout: (String inviteID, List<String> inviteeList) async {
      onInviteeAccepted: (String inviteID, String invitee, String data) async {
      onInviteeRejected: (String inviteID, String invitee, String data) async {
      onReceiveNewInvitation: (String inviteID, String inviter, String groupID,
          List<String> inviteeList, String data) async {
        .addSignalingListener(listener: listener); 
    V2TimValueCallback<String> inviteInGroupRes =
        await TencentImSDKPlugin.v2TIMManager.getSignalingManager().inviteInGroup(
            inviteeList: [], 
            groupID: "",
            data: "data", 
            timeout: 30, 
            onlineUserOnly: false, 
    if (inviteInGroupRes.code == 0) {
      String? inviteId =;

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