Add receiving new message callback

If logged in, ImSDK will retrieve messages send to you. PS. It doesn't have to be the unread messages

Only messages that aren't stored in the local storage will be retrieved. (Eg. Message read from other platform, and retrieve latest conversation's last message, if it's not in the local storage, the message will appear in here)

Once logged in, ImSDK will retrieve offline messages. Register this callback before log in to prevent missing messages

The receiver can receive message by using a message listener in the following steps:

Call AddRecvNewMsgCallback to set the event listener.

Listen for the RecvNewMsgCallback callback to receive text messages.

To stop receiving messages, call RemoveRecvNewMsgCallback to remove the listener. This step is optional and can be performed as needed.

Parameter details

Parameter name Parameter type Required Description
callback RecvNewMsgCallback no RecvNewMsgCallback
stringCallback RecvNewMsgStringCallback no RecvNewMsgStringCallback

Returned template


The parameters of the callback function after successfully calling the API:
json_param:'' // json_ Params is an empty string ""

Return value details

name type description
TIMResult TIMResult Return value of calling API
code int Result error code: Error Codes
desc string The description of the error.
json_param string Json string. Calling different API will get different Json strings.
user_data string User-defined data transfered by ImSDK without any processing

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